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  • Juliette Hyland

Writer's Resolutions

2017 has finally cracked its spine - can you smell the fresh pages? A new year brings hope and the possibility that we might be able to better ourselves. It also brings out the desire to make resolutions. This year I will lose 50 pounds; this year I will read 50 books; this year I will ______________________________.

I am not particularly fond of resolutions. The news/social media cycle begins their coverage of How to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions around December 29th and by January 20th we are onto How to Handle the Resolutions You Have Already Broken.

Several years ago I made the resolution to finally put my pen back to paper. The characters in my head were screaming their desire to enter this world. I told myself there was no harm in letting them loose. I was right. Even without being traditionally published (at the moment), I feel more complete having finally accepted my need for this creative outlet.

Now 2017 has arrived and I feel the need to put a few more writing resolutions down on paper. I understand these may not all be one year goals and that is okay. It can take years to get what you want but goal setting is important and that is how resolutions should be viewed - as goals.

So my 2017 Writing Resolutions are:

1. Submit my novel to publishers - given that the query letter and manuscript are done this should be easy but hitting that submit button is SCARY!

2. Put pen to paper (or words into the computer) every day, even if it only for twenty minutes.

3. Take a copy editing course - my editing skills are decent but need some polishing.

As 2017 opens may everyone have a blank page, a pen to create and no writer's block!

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