Blogging - Why Now?

December 21, 2016

Why do I want to have a blog? Do I want to have a blog?  Am I ready to finally put my writing out there for others to see? The opening paragraph of this blog has been rewritten multiple times and those questions continue to tumble around my brain.  


In the early drafts of this post I tried listing my reasons for blogging. (It was riveting stuff - but you will just have to take my word for that!)  the short list included my desire to work on my craft, market what will, hopefully, be my published works of fiction and even, well everyone has one – all of which are true.  Yet honesty propels me to admit the truth behind my decision to finally unlock the journal of my creative soul.  


As a child and young adult, I wrote constantly.  I published my short stories through my schools’ student journals and read them aloud to anyone who would listen.  I coveted the commentary from my teachers dreaming of the day when the comments came from my editor.   As I reached college and adulthood, I allowed fear of failure to paralyze my pen.  I continued to write but I hid my stories and critiqued them harshly, refusing to see any talent.  In the last two years, I have taken steps to throw away my doubt and face the fear.  I have completed one novel and acknowledging my desire to have others enjoy my written work is the final steps I am taking in my journey to reclaim my voice, my characters and the pen which brings them all to life. 


In 2017,  I am submitting my first novel, His Forgotten Duchess.  A Writer's Journey will highlight my journey through the submission process, my failures and my successes (fingers crossed).   



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