I write romance novels

December 23, 2016

“I write romance novels.”  This phase took me years to be comfortable writing and then saying to the world.  Now I am posting to my website - major personal milestones are possible!


There can be an inherent bias associated to writing the “bodice rippers.”  When you tell people you are writing a novel, the first question asked is "what kind of book?"  Despite the fact that sexual elements exist within other genres, I think many people associate romance novels to simplistic, easy stories.  Also, there is the element of ooooohhhh she writes about sex - which I do.  However my stories are well researched and I try to make my characters believable, flaws and all.


I write romance (and fantasy) books because those are the characters in my head talking.  Theirs are the stories that long to jump from my page. So I am taking the plunge - I write romance novels - historical romance novels to be exact.  The first chapter of His Forgotten Duchess, can be found on my About page.  Enjoy!   

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