July Camp Nano!!

June 25, 2018


July is almost here and that means - Camp Nano!! Many writers spend their November pouring over new (or not so new) manuscripts trying desperately to get to fifty thousand words. I have participated in Nanowrimo for several years and written the required 50k words many times. But I love camp in April and July. 


In these months writers pick their own targets for success. Instead of writing, you can edit, plot, a combination of all three. It seems more manageable and I find the writing I do in these months needs less work than the rushed words of November. 


This camp I'm working on a new project and I love making covers to inspire me. While these aren't what I would put on the book for sale, they inspire me to get the work done! 


So here is to July and The Prince's Lottery Bride. 

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