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Settle An Argument

As my husband and I get ready to celebrate eleven years of not killing each other, I mean wedded bliss, I've decided to air our longest running argument. For close to fifteen years we have debated the actual date of our first date. I claim it is Thanksgiving Day 2005; he claims it's the day after Thanksgiving 2005. Given that we met on the internet, I thought airing this fight on my website was the perfect way to say Happy Anniversary!

Our First Date was Thanksgiving 2005: My Argument

1. After talking over instant message for weeks, he invited me to see a movie on Thanksgiving, since I didn't have enough time, or money, saved to go back home.

2. He drove 30 minutes to meet me.

3. He paid for the movie and drinks.

Our First Date was not Thanksgiving 2005: His Argument

1. He said it wasn't. (He did say this when he intially asked.)

2. He bought the tickets because it was Thanksgiving and he was worried the theater would sell out. (We saw Rent with five other people.)

- He has never explained why he wouldn't let me pay him back for the ticket.

The next night we did go out for a late dinner and dessert. Neither of us paid for this as the restaurant comped the meal to get us to leave. We lost track of time and they really wanted to close. (We did leave a really good tip!)

I still like to bring up this "not first date." He continues to argue for the day after Thanksgiving. Eleven years after saying "I do," I'm still grateful I showed up to meet a stranger that didn't want me to spend Thanksgiving alone. And I will continue to argue that it was date!

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