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Dating her Irresistible Rival 


Foster care survivor Knox has worked hard to be the best trauma surgeon. Yet it still stings that in med school annoyingly irresistible Miranda beat him to a coveted fellowship. Now that Miranda’s returned, it’s clear the remarkable woman he knew is a shadow of her former self. Putting his competitiveness aside, Knox is determined to bring her fire back. Could a first date to rival all first dates be the answer?

Coming April 2024


Her Secret Baby Confession

A one-week fling…with binding consequences! Dive into this irresistible secret-baby romance from Juliette Hyland, the second installment in her Hope Hospital Surgeons duet.

HER SECRET. THEIR FAMILY?“Let me introduce you to your daughter” are not words responsible surgeon Ryann ever thought she’d say. Yet here she is, face-to-face with the man she spent one incredible, and totally out of character, week with, confessing she’s had his baby! Despite growing up in the foster system, nurse anesthetist Jackson is thrilled to be a dad. But can they be more than co-parents when cautious Ryann so ardently protects her carefully curated life…?

April 2024

How to Tame A king UK.JPG

How to Tame a King


When Breanna steps in for her twin to become the king’s convenient bride, she’s confident of her plan to escape their arrangement. But her attraction to dutiful, guarded Sebastian throws a wrench into the works! Sebastian’s only priority is to his people, but stunning Breanna challenges him to be both—a man and a king. Can she tame single-minded Sebastian, and show him there could be more to their royal marriage…?

Coming June 2024


One-Night Baby with her Best Friend

Coming August 2024

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