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A Nurse to Claim His Heart

A picture is worth a thousand words…What about a viral video?


When Dr. Benedict saves an infant on the Washington Metro, the treatment he performs with nurse Penny becomes the talk of the town—and social media! Not least because the world thinks they’re a couple… While a real relationship is a no-go zone for divorced Benedict, prolonging their “faux-mance” is the perfect way to raise vital hospital funds. But the longer their ruse goes on, the more real it feels!

Available April 2022

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The Vet's Unexpected Houseguest

Available June 2022

Her new colleague……is also her new roommate! 


Widowed workaholic Kit has dedicated her life to her patients. She’s determined to be the best vet in town and prove herself to those who’ve doubted her. But when Dr. August—aka her boss’s prodigal son—returns to help at the clinic, she’s faced with an unexpected and irresistible houseguest! August is a distraction Kit doesn’tneed. Although he’s certainly one she wants! Can Kit take a risk on a rebel?