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  • Juliette Hyland

The Crazy Moments

A few months ago, I submitted a proposal for one of my romance novels. I fired it off and did my best to try and forget about it. This week, while sitting in the airport, I received a response. I was stunned; it was almost four weeks before the agency’s website indicated they normally send responses.

Looking at the heading, I thought - “well crap.” Figuring this was the thank you, but no thank you, I weighed opening the email or waiting until I returned from my business trip. Deciding to rip the band aid off, I opened it and almost lost my mind.

The editor accepted my proposal and wanted the full manuscript. I became the crazy person in the airport. I am certain, the gentleman sitting next to me, was praying I wasn’t his seatmate (spoiler - I wasn’t, he lucked out.)

I called my husband, my parents and one of the ladies I work with, who has patiently listened to this process (she is trying to earn brownie points for sainthood - I am convinced). Long story short - I was happy, ecstatic and shrill.

As a writer, I have often looked at my own work and seen every single flaw. Even if the publisher elects not to purchase the book, this is a win. I officially had someone, at a major house, ask for the complete story. The next few weeks (months) of waiting will be hard and, if they purchase the book, more hard work will ensue. Today though, I am typing this happy note on my way home from New Mexico. Life is good - and I will keep writing.

Side note: I am typing this while sitting next to the cutest, older couple. They are holding hands while napping. It is amazing! I would take a picture, but then I am the super creepy person on the plane. Today, I am aiming for just plain crazy.

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