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  • Juliette Hyland

NanoWrimo 2017

Nanowrimo, also known as National Novel Month starts in less that two days! I have participated in this event since 2014. The basic idea is for authors to drive themselves nuts during the run up to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Although this is what Nano often feels like to me, the actual idea is to write fifty-thousand words in the month of November.

It is possible, if you write 1,667 words every day. That number always looks manageable on the 31st of October but life has a way of interrupting. However this year, I have a plan.

I fully plotted my novel; a first for me. I have every scene that needs to be written put into Scrivener and handwritten into my bullet journal. Overall, I feel prepared and that feels weird, and a little uncomfortable.

I am also trying a new romance genre, fantasy! I have project full of Fae, an assassin for a hero, a changeling heroine and her best friend, who communicates with ghosts. This should be a fun new project. I will post a few excepts from Marked by the Fae, as the month progresses. Here's to 50k and the realm of the Fae.

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