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40k Words and Cookies

Today I reached forty-thousand words and also wrote my favorite scene so far this nano. As I stated in a previous post, I actually plotted this nano. The difference between previous November's graph and this year is pretty stark.

One of the things I love about writing a lot of words quickly, is that I write some random scenes that usually end up being my favorite. No matter how much I plot, my characters have a tendency to take the reins and do things not called for in the outline. This year, I wrote a scene regarding cookie tasting. The play between my characters is sweet and grounds why they will eventually love each other.

So this is a really rough first draft, but here is my heroine introducing cookies to her neighbor, who had never had a chocolate chip cookie!!

A plate of cookies sat on a small table, next to the couch. He’d told the truth about never having cookies. Though the fae cooked different types of treats, his family had never been focused on sweets. His mother had been distant and her idea was of a treat did not involve food and his memories of his father were few and faded.

The fact that Eira had kept her word lifted his heart. Pausing to examine the different cookies, Aedan was stunned by the number and differences. “I hope you are not expecting me to eat all of these.” Eira’s cheeks stained pink and she pursed her lips.

“I didn’t know what you might like, so I had the bakery box up one of everything. I personally prefer the lemon. If you think Niall will not mind broken cookies, we can just sample a bit of each, until you find your favorite.”

“Which is the lemon?”

Eira lifted a yellow cookie covered in a dusting of sugar and held it out him. The top two of her teeth peaked out from her lips and he split the cookie in half, handing her the other. She took a dainty bite, as he shoved a large piece inside.

“Its good.” He said, through a mouth of cookie, laying aside the small piece.

Eira pressed her lips together, “but not great. That’s fine, it means the additional five lemon cookies I have stocked away in the kitchen are mine.” She playfully tapped his should and broke off a piece of another.

He placed the cookie in his mouth and resisted spitting it out, but just barely. Eira laughed before placing her hand over lips. “So I guess oatmeal raisin is out then. Perhaps, Niall will like it.” Aedan doubted it, but dutifully set the cookie aside.

Several other cookies graced his pallet until she handed him one that made him take a deep breath, as the sweet melted against his tongue. He instinctively took another bite and then finished the cookie off. “What was that?”

“Peanut butter, chocolate chip. Guess we will have to get another for Niall to taste.” Eira winked. “So now I know your secret,” Eira winked, “you love peanut butter.”

“I guess so,” Aedan admitted. “Thank you for this, Eira.”

“They're just cookies.” She winked but he heard the pride in her voice.

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