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  • Juliette Hyland

Submitting Out of Your Comfort Zone

This week I submitted a proposal for Harlequin's Romance Line. They opened an amazing opportunity to submit a proposal. The words "no finished manuscript required," were in the requirements! I felt I had to throw my hat in the ring. Only one problem - this is not a line I would ever target.

It's the sweet, no intimate scenes on the screen, line that features a lot of rich men and exotic locations. No historical Dukes or small town loves on the page. I had nothing in my current work in progress files that looked anything like this.

While talking to my sister about the proposal call, we both pitched each other ideas for fun. This is the line she and my mother love most. We had a blast and by the end of the call I actually had a fully developed idea.

It was a wonderful and scary situation - this is not my comfort zone. Still after plotting the novel I really liked the idea. Submitting is nerve wracking; submitting outside of my comfort zone has been an exhilarating journey, with lots of second guessing. No matter the outcome, I took a step forward in my writing goals.

The blitz is open until Valentines Day. It closes at Midnight (GMT) on the 14. For more information check out Harlequin's site.

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